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The Client Factory teaches a 7-step plan for organizing your market approach more effectively - from shortening sales time and lowering selling costs to making better use of the available capacity.

  • A proven method for formulating and achieving an effective market approach plan.
  • Reduces the complexity of a market approach, thus enabling you to make the right decisions more easily.
  • Better planning and coordination within your organization.
  • Offers concrete guidelines for implementing an improvement plan.
  • The Client Factory describes a method for organizing one’s market approach based on the idea of an assembly line. The ultimate goal of the Client Factory approach is to answer the question: “Given a company’s product and market needs, how can the company organize its market approach as efficiently, effectively and flexibly as possible?”

    "Viewing one’s market approach from a different perspective - that is the essence of The Client Factory by Michiel van Mens. In it he describes a step-by-step method for organizing one’s market approach as a factory process. Businesses that standardize their market approach grow much more rapidly and achieve a greater profit with lower selling expenses. Viewed from this perspective, the Client Factory approach is a concrete growth strategy."


    Operationele marketing; the 7 steps approach


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