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Operationele Marketing
This workshop is primarily intended for small groups of employees within a single company. During this 1-day session, participants are equipped with the knowledge and means to immediately set to work independently.

The ClientFactory Program
Intensive 2-day training program for commercial employees that enables participants to bring about a reversal in thinking and behavior. The Client Factory method can be applied directly to any business situation. The end product is an effective market approach plan!

Michiel van Mens has considerable experience in coaching young marketing professionals, particularly with regard to acquiring specific skills and knowledge (such as database marketing and analyses).

Client: The client is a national conference and event organizer. The organization is divided into 3 product groups, each of which consists of between 5 and 10 product names. Each group has its own product, sales and operations manager. The organization comprises a total of 21 “shops”. Goal: To make sure everyone within the commercial company has knowledge of and insight into the methodology described in The Client Factory. Participants: Board of Directors, product group managers, product and sales managers. Total number of participants: 37 employees. Duration: 1 training day for each of the 4 groups and 1 half-day session for evaluation and feedback. Total duration: 4˝ training days.

1. Morning program focusing on the principles of the 7-step plan. 2. Separate workbook containing seven assignments targeting personal situation. 3. Working in small groups. 4. Two trainers that assist, give feedback and challenge throughout the sessions.

1. Insight into and skills for organizing one’s market approach as a process. 2. Formulating concrete goals. Knowledge of market segmentation and how to use one’s client database for this purpose. Focus on client loss. 3. Immediately applicable knowledge and skills, which are subsequently used to adapt the new market approach plans.

"The Client Factory makes it perfectly clear which steps of the market approach can be optimized - and why!"
Edwin Baints (Marketing, AEGON)


Operationele marketing; the 7 steps approach


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