Lectures & Instruction

Lectures & Instruction

Michiel van Mens is frequently requested as a speaker, moderator and chairman for conferences and seminars. He has an enthusiastic style of speaking and knows how to keep his audience engaged until the very end. Michiel uses everyday language to give his own personal views and opinions on CRM, One-to-One Marketing, and Client Satisfaction & Loyalty. Popular lectures include:

  • "Carte Blanche" Marketing
  • Customer Revenue Management
  • Success Factors in Marketing
  • How satisfied are you with your clients? (On client satisfaction and loyalty)
  • If you’d like to learn more about the specific contents of the lectures and costs, contact Michiel van Mens directly by calling +31 (0)20-6177339.

    Michiel van Mens gives (adapted) lectures and training seminars at universities and schools of higher vocational education. The topics differ, but are always based on real-life cases. Years of experience with companies and clients have enabled Michiel to put together an extensive library of cases. The lectures deal with the operational side of marketing, i.e. the market approach. He doesn’t discuss visions or strategy, but rather the “bottom line” of operational management: setting up and using client satisfaction studies or the truths and myths of CRM and one-to-one marketing. Common clichés are discussed and provided with commentary.

    The MasterClass is intended for students completing the final course of their academic program. The primary activity of the course is close interaction with the students, who are expected to establish their own standpoints. With considerable practical and empirical expertise in operational marketing, Michiel primarily moderates what is certain to be a lively discussion.

    Case Study (day)
    Michiel van Mens is the author of three extensive case studies:
  • The Paper
  • InterMatch (employment agency)
  • The Home & Leisure Event (public fair)
  • During the case study sessions, a case is examined in its entirety. The students work in groups of four. Every case consists of seven assignments. The case study session starts with a brief introduction, after which the groups set to work. Every group receives equal attention. Michiel poses critical questions and answers any questions. The final presentation takes place at 3 pm , followed by the conclusion. If you’d like to learn more about the specific contents and costs, contact Michiel van Mens directly by e-mail

    "I read your book with great interest and found it extremely practical on a number of levels… It really inspired me to come up with all kinds of new ideas for my clients." "
    Joost Erkelens, Director of Quaser


    Operationele marketing; the 7 steps approach


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