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First two chapters of The book Operational Marketing: the 7 steps approach (englisch)

CRM as optimizing problem (Interview Insight nr 4)

Evidence Based Marketing (EBM)

case: Market Approach Optimization (Dutch)

This case study shows how a financial organization can gain better insight into the market by using its quote system more efficiently, thus yielding knowledge that makes it possible to better gear its sales office staff to its field staffs, among other things.

case: The Home & Leisure Event

Case study and assignments from the book Operational Marketing: the 7 steps approach. This case comprises three modules (new clients, existing clients and former clients), each of which contains seven assignments that correspond to the 7-step model approac

article: Six Perspectives on CRM (Dutch)

How is it possible that there are so many widely divergent ideas on CRM? This article explores the reasons for this by approaching the subject from various perspectives.
  • Aspects of Client Programs (Dutch)
  • The Former Client (Dutch)
  • The Existing Client (Dutch)
  • The Theory Behind Client Programs (Dutch)
  • 3 Forms of Client Binding (Dutch)
  • Economy of Loyalty (Dutch)
  • Customer cards (Dutch)
  • The Client Barrel (Dutch)
  • Client Dissatisfaction (Dutch)
  • Theories on Client Dissatisfaction (Dutch)
  • "The Client Factory makes it perfectly clear which steps of the market approach can be optimized - and why!"
    Edwin Baints (Marketing, AEGON)


    Operationele marketing; the 7 steps approach


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