Everything a company does must contribute to its earning power. If not, it serves no purpose. Marketers, communication specialists and salespersons serve a common interest. It is therefore best to examine the element that binds them together rather than their individual positions. And that binding element is their market approach. “Organizing one’s market approach as an assembly line process” is the motto of Michiel van Mens. Years of research and experience have taught Michiel that this truly is the most effective way for businesses to grow. “You could have an absolutely fabulous product, but if your market approach is inadequate, you won’t be able to sell it. So obviously you need to formulate an effective marketing plan.”

His books and inspiring vision have made him much sought-after for lectures, workshops, and training sessions, both in his home country of the Netherlands and abroad. Michiel does not shy away from confrontation. Rather, he talks and advises – on marketing and developing an effective market approach – from a different perspective, which is precisely why so many people find him to be so inspiring. And he does so with a single goal in mind: “In the end, only one thing matters, and that is to earn money. The rest is irrelevant.” Michiel’s most recent book, The Client Factory, describes an innovative and inspirational approach to marketing in a step-by-step fashion. As a management consultant, Michiel is intimately familiar with the problems and realities of life on the shop floor. He therefore does not offer empty slogans or one-liners, but rather a well-thought-out and complete methodology that lets you achieve effective results. Don’t expect boardroom consultancy from Michiel, but an involved approach that entails keeping both feet firmly on the shop floor. Michiel’s primary goal is to challenge and stimulate others. According to the Client Factory philosophy, asking the right questions is more effective than giving the right answer. This book does exactly that; it asks you questions that enable you to master this unique, practical and proven approach in 7 steps.

  • Analyzing and taking stock of your marke approach using a fixed, structured method (as described in the 7-step plan).
  • Translating the insights gained into a logical and transparent market approach plan according to the principles of the 7-step plan.
  • Structuring and standardizing your market approach, thereby facilitating the identification of points requiring improvement.
  • Lowering selling expenses. - Significantly improving the effectiveness of your market approach in various areas, letting you achieve more sales.
  • Most important topics covered:
  • Database Marketing and Analysis
  • Research (Client Satisfaction, Non-Response, Non-Conversion)
  • CRM
  • Direct Marketing
  • Campaign Management
  • "The Client Factory makes it perfectly clear which steps of the market approach can be optimized - and why!"
    Edwin Baints (Marketing, AEGON)


    Operationele marketing; the 7 steps approach


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